Thursday, 22 April 2010

CROWN - 22 April 2010

Moreska in Croatia the last authentic sword dance in the Mediterranean
The moreška dance on the island of Korčula in Croatia can be played only by those for whom at least one parent is from the island. The dance dates from the Middle Ages, and together with the house of Marko Polo represents one of the chief attractions of the island. The confraternity of All Saints is the oldest one on the island, founded back in 1301. Text and photos by Davor Rostuhar, Croatian journalist and photographer.

Jim Caviezel's spiritual journey from Medjugorje to Mel Gibson's Passion
Jim Caviezel became the world famous actor with leading role in Mel Gibson's movie "Passion". In Medjugorje he had experienced certain dimension of faith that was unknown to him up to that point. In February 2010 he came to Medjugorje for the sixth time as pilgrim.

Dr. Edward L. Miloslavich Croatian investigator of the Katyn Forest tragedy
Dr. Edward Lucas Miloslavich (Eduard Luka Miloslavić), professor at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, was one among 12 medical experts who investigated the Katyn Forest tragedy in 1943. In 1951 and 1952 he gave an official report also to the Congress of the USA. We express our deep condolances to the Polish people on the occasion of the airplane tragedy of April 10 2010.

Croatians of Chicagoland book set to launch May 17, 2010
The Chicago area is home to more than 150,000 people of Croatian descent. In its heyday, the community grew so robust, it was known as the "second Croatian Capital." In her new book "Croatians of Chicagoland, " Maria Dugandzic-Pasic examines how this community and its leaders, clergy, laborers, politicians, athletes, benevolent societies and social organizations helped build and shape Chicago's history.

Hagen Iserlohn 2011 call for submissions
The Hagen Iserlohn-2011 contest and exhibition of Croatian student's art  from around the world will be held in Germany in cooperation with: HKM Hagen, SD. Croatia Hagen, Hagen Caritas, Matica Croatia for the Ruhr area and the Croatian Heritage Foundation. The deadline for submissions is December 18, 2010.

Australian-Croatian Vinko Romanik featured on stamp
Vinko Romanik, was recently granted the honour of appearing on a limited edition postage stamp in recognition of the 200th Anniversary of Australia Post.  He has worked for Australia Post for some years.  He was one of 10 Australia Post workers to appear on an exclusive stamp out of 1,600 employees who were nominated.

Tom Rukavina Croatian-American running for Minnesota governor
Tom Rukavina, from northern Minnesota is in the running for governor of Minnesota as a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. He has a reputation as a straight talking, hard working and passionate advocate for what's best for Minnesota.

Mervan Pasic Croatian mathematician invited by Japanese colleagues
 Dr. Mervan Pašić, professor of Mathematics at the University of Zagreb, visited Japan from November 11-22 2009 upon the invitation of Japanese mathematicians: Yuki Naito, Hiroyuki Usami, Tetsutaro Shibata and Jitsuro Sugie. He delivered an invited lecture at the University of Hiroshima and a plenary lecture at the University of Kyoto. The cities of Kyoto and Zagreb are twinned since 1972.

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