Sunday, 12 September 2010

Julienne Eden Busic's second book "Your Blood and Mine" now available in English!

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Julienne Eden Busic's second book "Your Blood and Mine" now available in English!
 |Available for order on and all other major websites, or in your local bookstore
Press release
In her best-selling autobiography, "Lovers and Madmen", Julienne Eden Busic wrote about the events leading up to her participation, along with her husband and three other Croatians, in the 1976 political hijacking of an American TWA plane, in order to force the publication in major world media of leaflets detailing the mass imprisonments, repression, and assassinations of Croatian dissidents under the Tito dictatorship.
Thirteen years later, and nineteen years after the author's release from her own thirteen-year incarceration, the author shares in her acclaimed second book, "Your Blood and Mine", an intimate glimpse into the meaning of suffering, commitment, and waiting, through a series of letters written not only to her imprisoned husband, but to the cruel Censor and, perhaps most importantly, to herself. 

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