Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Learn Croatian

Learn Croatian

The Institute for Croatian Culture – Studia Croatica (established 1960) offers a Course in Croatian Language – Introductory Level. The course is given using the resources of the Internet.

It consists of a series of 30 lessons which are sent weekly to the students (7 months). The lessons are texts which contain the elements of Croatian grammar and conversation. Translations and explanations are provided in English. Lessons are sent every Monday.

The lessons include sound files, as well as exercises for the student to solve (at his own pace). The solved exercises can be sent to the instructors, who correct and return them back to the students.

The instructors will answer questions or doubts posed by the students.

The instructors are Adriana Smajic and Joza Vrljicak.

For more information, write to studiacroatica@gmail.com

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