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Croatian Language Introductory Course - Contents of the 30 lessons

Croatian Language Introductory Course - Contents of the 30 lessons
All lessons are accompanied by sound files in the Croatian language. This summary includes only the main themes of each lesson. They are accompanied by texts and information on history, geography and culture of Croatia.
Lesson 1 - Letters and Numbers. Their writing and pronunciation - Vocabulary.
Lesson 2 – Present of the verb biti. Preposition iz; use of the genitive. Question words: tko?, što?, odakle?.
Lesson 3 - Countries and capital cities. Nominative, genitive. Nouns (masculine, feminine and neuter). Singular and plural nouns. Verb biti, emphatic forms: interrogative, positive and negative.
Lesson 4 - Presentation. Different situations. Adjectives: masculine, feminine and neuter. Present of verbs živjeti and govoriti. Countries, nationalities and their languages.
Lesson 5 - Verbs. The four groups of verbs with their conjugations. The preposition "u", and its use with the locative case. Possessive pronouns.
Lesson 6 - The nominative case for nouns and adjectives.
Lesson 7 - The genitive case. The genitive case to answer the questions: Koga? - čega?. The locative case. Declination of the words with the prepositions na and u.
Lesson 8 - Plurals of genitive and locative cases. Possessive pronouns in the nominative singular.
Lesson 9 - Possessive pronouns in the nominative plural. Parts of the body. Verbs raditi, crtati, sanjati, hodati and spavati.
Lesson 10 – Verbs voljeti and imati. The accusative case.
Lesson 11 - Review of the locative case: The locative singular of masculine, feminine and neuter nouns.
Lesson 12 - Present the verb ići. Adverbs of time.
Lesson 13 - Time expressions: Koliko je sati?; ujutro; navečer; poslije podne / popodne; poslije ponoći / po ponoći. The days of the week.
Lesson 14 - Review of some verbs. More verbs. The locative case with prepositions: o and prema. Verbs jesti and piti.
Lesson 15 - Verbs jesti, piti and moliti, use of nouns in the accusative and genitive cases.
Lesson 16 - The imperative. The imperative positive. The negative imperative and its two forms.
Lesson 17 - The Imperative - Part Two. Conjugation of the verbs trebati, morati, doći, ići and pisati, in the present and the imperative. The imperative for the third person. The imperative of the verb biti.
Lesson 18 - Possessive pronouns in the nominative. The plural possessive pronouns. The family. Ordinal numbers. The months of the year.
Lesson 19 - Possessive pronouns. Declination of ordinal numbers in the accusative, genitive and locative cases.
Lesson 20 - Situations and vocabulary: The Post Office and the Bank. Verbs moći, željeti and morati. The dative case, singular and plural.
Lesson 21 - The instrumental case. Cases where the instrumental answers to s kim?. Cases where the instrumental answers to čime?. The instrumental case indicating location.
Lesson 22 - We present two Croatian songs Croats and two interviews, which can be read and heard in Croatian, and their translation into English.
Lesson 23 - The vocative case. The vocative in Croatian literature.
Lesson 24 - Past tense. Past participle of the verb biti. Negative form of the past tense. Particularities of the past tense.
Lesson 25 - The past tense of reflexive verbs.
Lesson 26 - Collective nouns. Their declination. The verb imati: its use in the accusative and genitive cases.
Lesson 27 - Declination of personal pronouns. Stressed and unstressed forms.
Lesson 28 - In this lesson we present two songs and two interviews, in both Croatian and English.
Lesson 29 - The future tense. The verb htjeti. Negative and interrogative forms in the future.
Lesson 30 - The future tense - Part II. Future of reflexive verbs - affirmative and negative forms.

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