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Letter to Hon. Albert Gore, Jr. by Jerry Blaskovich

Hon. Albert Gore, Jr.
United States Senate Washington, D.C. 20510

April 13, 1992

Dear Senator Gore:
Although I am not a member of your constituency, I believe the matter that I bring to your attention extends far beyond parochial lines. It strikes at the heart of our national conscience.
The enclosed article "YUOBLUNDER" from The New Republic (Feb. 24, 1992) gives a provocative explanation of the Bush administration's disastrous policy toward Yugoslavia. Additionally, the article also brings to light the financial connection between former Secretary of State Kissinger, General Scowcroft, Deputy Secretary of State Eagleburger, and Yugoslav government owned institutions
According to the New York Times (May 10, 1982), while serving as ambassador to Yugoslavia, Eagleburger pressured U.S. banks to extend credits to communist Yugoslavia. After he retired from the State Department in 1994, Eagleburger was named to the board of a Yugoslav bank in New York, which benefited from the U.S. loans. (1) He became a principal, along with General Scowcroft and Lord Carrington, in Kissinger Associates. (2) It should be noted that Milosevic, who is now president of Serbia, was on the board on a related bank in Belgrade.
Eagleburger also became president of Global Motors, a subsidiary of the Yugoslav arms industry whose clients include Iraq and Libya.

The graduates of the Kissinger school did well for themselves. The only fly in the ointment was "Operation Flying Kite," a U.S. government sting operation directed against the New York bank, which among others indicted a Yugoslav Consul. When Eagleburger went back to the State Department as Deputy Secretary of State in 1989, he received $1,114,110 in salary, bonuses and severance pay from Kissinger Associates and its affiliate, Kent Associates. He also received between three to four hundred thousand dollars from various other fees and dividends. (3) Scowcroft became the president's adviser and Carrington became a chief peace mediator in the Yugoslav crisis.
After having been, and possibly still being on Kissinger's payroll, it would be ludicrous to believe that this trio could give objective advice about Yugoslavia. To the contrary, their heeded advice, implemented by Secretary of State James Baker, gave the green light for the Yugoslav military's putsch. Kissinger, Scowcroft, and Eagleburger must bear the lion's share of the responsibility for the deaths and human suffering in Yugoslavia. While some may blame it on ineptness and failure to anticipate, it more likely can be attributed to old-fashioned greed. All the State Department's subsequent policies are prolonging the conflict and as a corollary, prove to be especially profitable to Kissinger's Yugoslav clients.
Kissinger represents Yugoslav interests that include Crvena Zastava, a major arms producer. Almost on the eve of the Persian Gulf War, Bush supplied financial aid to Hussein's regime. Most was spent in Yugoslavia's to buy arms. These arms, used against Americans, increased profits to Kissinger and his associates. The role played by Kissinger and his "ex-employees" in the administration helping Yugoslav enterprises is analogous to how United

Fruit Company, in the 1950's manipulated our government to enhance their commercial connection in Central America.
I believe that an in-depth investigation should be undertaken on an obvious conflict of interest issue. Thousands of lives of innocent Yugoslav victims could have been saved if our State Department had not taken the self-serving recommendations of Kissinger, Scowcroft, and Eagleburger. They should be called to account for their actions. I would appreciate knowing what possible measures you can take to alleviate my concerns.


(1) Patrick Buchanan, "Who Owns Today's GOP?" The Washington Times (2/15/89)
(2) " H. Kissinger & Company. A Stately Approach to doing Business," Wall Street Journal (8/25/82) Dun's Consultants Directory (1991)

From the book: Croatia Uncensored by Jerry Blaskovich M.D.
(c) Jerry Blaskovich. Published here by permission from the author.
No further re-publication is authorised.
Publicado aquí por permiso especial del autor. No se autoriza su ulterior re-publicación

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