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Letter to The New York Times by Jerry Blaskovich

The New York Times
New York City, New York 10036
Attention: Jack Rosenthal, Editorial Page Editor
December 10, 1991

Dear Mr. Rosenthal:
The sole purpose of David Martin's article of November 22, 1991 was to inflame and prejudice your readers with inaccuracies to justify the carnage that is being waged by the Communist Yugoslav army in Croatia.

Martin could not even get his geography right. He intimates that the post World War II borders of Croatia was reestablished at the expense of the Serbs. A comparison of the borders with Croatia's prewar borders, those defined by a Serbian king, will confirm that Croatia lost territory when Tito, the communist dictator, reestablished its frontiers.

Martin's bandied about statistics with abandonment. His statement that 500,000 thousand Serbs died at the hands of the Ustashe is contrary to the facts and is another example of the big lie that the media has been perpetrating. According to the official Yugoslavia Report to the Federal German Government, a report to extract war repatriations, a total of 346,740 Serbs died during World War II. Despite his inflated figures he omitted to say the majority of deaths came at the hands of Germans, Partisans, Luftwaffe and Allied bombings, Soviets, endemic diseases, and natural causes. Independent sources, such as Dr. Bogoljub Kocovic's 'Zrtve drugog svetskog rata u Jugoslavija' (Victims of World War II in Yugoslavia- London 1985) and Vladimir Zerjavic's study for the 1989 Yugoslav Victimological Society in cooperation with the Zagreb Jewish community are in agreement.

Martin's editorializing represents clever distortion. Although President Tudjman is quoted in The Guardian as stating that he is thankful that his wife did not have any Jewish or Serbian blood, what Martin disingenuously omitted to say was that Tudjman completed that statement by saying " or else she would have died at the hands of the fascists."

It is apparent that Martin is playing Milosevic's tune of disinformation. The orchestration began shortly before Croatia declared its independence when Milosevic's propaganda apparatus announced that Croatia was building concentration camps for 500,000 ethnic Serbs in Croatia; that thousands of Serbs have been driven from their homes: that a Vatican plot against Serb- Orthodoxy was uncovered: Austria and Germany were conspiring with Croatia to build a Fourth Reich. Not to play second fiddle, Martin has composed his own ditties of distortion.

His propaganda provokes the Serbs to the same hysteria and hatred that resulted from the sham story headlined by Reuters that Croatians slaughtered 41 Serbian children.


From the book: Croatia Uncensored by Jerry Blaskovich M.D.
(c) Jerry Blaskovich. Published here by permission from the author.
No further re-publication is authorised.
Publicado aquí por permiso especial del autor. No se autoriza su ulterior re-publicación
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