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To The Los Angeles Times - by Jerry Blaskovich

The Los Angeles Times
Letters to the Editor
Thomas Plate, Editor

January 18, 1993

Dear Mr. Plate:

Milovan Djilas arguing in "Peace Plan Needs Enforcement Contingent" (1/15/93) that there is essentially no difference between the protagonists is a demeaning attempt to categorize the Croatians and Moslems with the Serbs. Furthermore, labeling their respective ideologies totalitarian is disingenuous and unsubstantiated.

Croatia democratically opted for an anti-totalitarian government in internationally monitored elections. To remain tied to Serbia would be chained to a failed anachronism. The emergence of President Tudjman and Croatian nationalism are products of what Milosevic created. Bosnia received United Nations recognition after fulfilling all criteria for statehood and for Djilas to expect the readers to believe Izetbegovic's government is totalitarian insults their intelligence.

In contrast, Serbia elected a communist government headed by Milosevic in December 1990. And most recently, Yugoslavia reelected the status quo. Although there were voting improprieties, nobody doubted the results-only the extent. But what was most telling, Vojislav Seselj, an ultra-nationalist, received 20% of the votes. Djilas ignores the fact that Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger has branded Seselj and Milosevic as war criminals. Djilas, an admitted participant in war crimes, became a political pariah after criticizing the way Communism was being implemented in Yugoslavia. -He remained a steadfast Communist and adheres to the myth that the on going conflict is religious and ethnic in origin.

The Serbian leadership are communist, and by definition atheistic. Milosevic's wife is the party's chief ideologist. By contrast, the Croatian and Bosnian governments do not attest to religious affiliation. Its ministers are diverse religiously, including Jewish. Their constitutions do not differentiate along ethnic lines and allows freedom of religion.

There are now chinks in Belgrade's disinformation campaign. Jeri Laber, Executive Director of Helsinki Watch said: "The ethnic wars ... are not what many want us to believe, the result of the age old hostilities ... but are a relentless propaganda campaign aimed as stirring up old tensions engineered by Milosevic."

Participants of a recent religious summit that included Patriarch Pavle, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, heads of the Moslem and Roman Catholic communities of Bosnia-Herzegovina and chaired by Rabbi Arthur Schneier concluded the war was not religious and that "crime in the name of religion is the greatest crime against religion".

January 22, 1993

From the book: Croatia Uncensored by Jerry Blaskovich M.D.
(c) Jerry Blaskovich. Published here by permission from the author.
No further re-publication is authorised.
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